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August 7th 2014 Newsletter

 We meet at the Moana Landscape and Design Center at  7:00 PM
1100 West Moana Lane in Reno

Presidents Message: Thank you Barbara Heckt for hosting our annual picnic, a perfect spot. A good time was had by all in spite of a late afternoon shower.New member Valerie Courser has agreed to become our hospitality chair. Kathleen Shupp was elected treasurer. Both positions are effective as of July 19, 2014. Please thank and congratulate them for taking on those roles. If you would like to handle our product sales (that’s pots, bark, moss), please speak to any board member for more information.                          Taeko Heiser.

Our August program:

“Expanding Your Orchid Collection through a Diverse Orchid Raffle Table”

Make the most of your Raffle Winnings in the Biggest Little City!

August is too hot for most of us and everything moves at a slower pace, so this month we will take some extra time for our monthly orchid raffle and get into the nitty gritty of growing a varied orchid collection in your home.

Using a carefully selected group of superb raffle table plants, Sean Abbott and Joanne Gerow will provide detailed growing tips for each and every raffle plant! Learn to choose the plants best suited to your growing conditions and grow a wider variety of orchids.

 Show and Tell:  Please bring your blooming orchids and share your secrets on how you got them to bloom.

Break time: You get a FREE raffle ticket if you bring a snack.

Library:  Sarah Fletscher is our Librarian. Beginners and experts can always discover something new about growing orchids. We have a large selection of books to enjoy.

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