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October 4, 2018

Jeff Tyler – In Situ Orchids

“Orchid Foliage and More”

“I have always enjoyed growing plants. As a kid growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, I grew anything I could from cuttings, seeds, etc. At 16, while living for a short time in a rental home, my dad and I built a greenhouse. It was my first attempt at growing orchids and I failed miserably. But I was very good with tropical plants like Hoyas and begonias.

We then moved to a townhouse and I successfully grew African Violets under lights and joined the African Violet Society, followed by the Bonsai Society. This was a very fun time for me.

In 1988 I moved to Sacramento and my spouse and I purchased our first home.  Spring 2003, I built a 10′ x 12′ greenhouse to try my hand at growing orchids again. In 2007 I
built a second one, 14′ x 20′. I had been bitten very hard by the orchid bug, and with patience, was successful this time. In 2013, I built a third. Plus, I now have 3 outdoor protected areas where I grow many types of orchids year round with no cooling (other than fans) or heat.

My average temps are 30° – 110°, with extremes occurring 10 – 12 days a year.
I belong to the Orchid Forum and the Sacramento Orchid Society and am very involved in both as a board member for both societies, Vice President for the Forum several times and a past President.

I’ve installed several AOS award-winning orchid garden displays for both societies.  I currently grow 2000 different orchids. My main focus and passion are Bulbophyllum,
Australian Dendrobium and miniatures. I have great interest in Dendrochilum, plus anything strange and unusual from the orchid world.

I have garnered 50 AOS awards. I love orchids!”

Five years ago, Jeff’s hobby became a business. He sells orchids in his eBay store: insituorchids


Facebook for Bulbophyllum Orchids: BulbophyllumOrchids/

Facebook for In Situ Orchids: Situ-Orchids-1680703428849287/

Meeting 2018 Oct

JEFF TYLER will bring orchids for the RAFFLE table and have orchids for SALE.

Bulbophyllum A-doribil Candy Ann 'Jeff Tyler' HCC-AOS4 300mm 062818

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