Membership Application…

For a Membership Application, click here:  OSNNV new member form

Special Note for Online Membership:  This link will take you to the website of Sumire Designs.  Don’t panic!  You will be charged sales tax.  Don’t panic!  We will give you change in Raffle tickets (1 for individual membership and 2 for family membership).

Advantages to membership include:

  • Speakers, lectures, slideshows, ‘hands on’ growing tips from expert orchidists
  • Lending Library
  • Plant raffles (monthly)
  • Orchid culture advise
  • July picnic and plant auction
  • Annual show and sale
  • December Christmas Party and a special raffle.
  • Most of all making new friends with people who also have the ‘orchid bug’ (no cure, just collect more…)

Membership: A single membership is $25 a year, or $40 per household (same address). All membership dues are payable in January.  The membership year is January 1 to December 31 – renew early so you don’t miss out!