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Summer 2015


We were invited by the CALIFORNIA GARDEN CLUB to have our Orchid Display at their 34th Annual Convention at the Circus Circus Hotel , June 9th 2015


ART TOWN JULY 2015 –   The RENO ROSE SOCIETY invited us for the second year to be part of their Annual  Rose and Flower Show at the McKinley Arts And Culture Center.

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OSNN member WALT WILLIS brought this orchid for ‘show and tell’ in June 2015.

Science Fair at Lenz Elementary School

Taeko Heiser and Gisela Hymmen had a great time being part of the science fair at
Lenz Elementary School Feb. 11th 2014.
Aside from blooming orchids we had lots of orchid pictures, seedlings in flasks, and seedpods. The children liked touching the orchid growing material (bark and moss) we had in our display, and learned about the seedpods.
Parents also showed interest in our orchid society.

our President Taeko Heiser

our President Taeko Heiser