5 thoughts on “DSCN7224

      1. Carson Barnes

        She said that’s what the label said. I had sold some seedlings to Dennis Olivas and it’s likely an honestly switched label.

  1. Carson Barnes

    I had sold some Chill Out to Dennis Olivas of D&D orchids a long time ago, and it seems to me that labels got switched some how. Some Chill Out have faint tessellation on the petals, but the shape is never so full; the parents are Gold Doubloon (denisoniana x tessellata) by javierae, in which denisoniana is yellow and fragrant, tessellata is variably colored but always with a lilac lip, and javierae is white and cool growing. The shape is quite open even on the one awarded in 2013. I’ll send a screenshot of the award photo for reference.

  2. ciwahashi Post author

    You are right, it is quite different. We still don’t know what it should be but I haven’t felt inclined to research it. Did you ever contact Dennis Olivas or the California Sierra Nevada Judging Center?


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