2011 Moana Garden Center Orchid Show

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Category 1 – Slipper Orchid Alliance

Category 2 – Cattleya Alliance

Category 3  – Oncidium Alliance:

Category 4 – Dendrobium Alliance:

Category 5 – Vanda / Phalaenopsis Alliance:

  1.  First: Vanda Pat Delight Hildos,  Grower: Gisela Hymmen
  2. Second: Phalaenopsis Joy Spring Canary Joy,  Grower: Sean Abbott
  3. Third: Phalaenopsis (unknown hybrid), Grower: Amy Rocovits

Category 6 – Masdevallia Alliance:

Category 7 – Cymbidium Alliance:

Category 8 – Species
First: Lepanthes calodictyon, Grower: Mark Jackson

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